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Back at the 2021 annual meeting we addressed the problem of playing with members of your own skill level. Our agreed on solution was to have each member rate themselves using USA PB Associations definitions (above link). Once you've decided on your rating, go to our "Members Contact Information" page and place your rating in the 4th column - - Self rating #. While on that page, please check to see if you have your current telephone # and email address. If that needs updating or you want to add your telephone # and email address, please email Bev with your updated contact information. Using this page you can now contact any member within your ability range and set up play at Glen Park or the MMS courts. Note, once you've added your rating, it automatically transfers that information to our "RFPBA GLEN PARK Sign-up" page (8th tab).

This is the official United States Pickleball Association website. You will find the
history of our game, 2023 rules, membership forms, court designing information, league play, etc.

By going to "PLACES2PLAY" you can type in any city you are planning to travel to and this site will tell you if they have any pickleball courts, type (indoor/outdoor), their location, times, costs, etc.

Click the link above and then under "Places2Play>Search" just type in River Falls, WI and see what pops under our city's name.

If you're a visual learner, you will benefit by all the instructional pickleball videos found on this website.


Harold Tiffany, one of the original founding members of our association, sells pickleball merchandise. You can buy RFPBA apparel, goods, etc. with the RFPBA logo on them
(shown to your right). NOTE: To view just the RFPBA apparel, etc. click on the following link:

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