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Communicate – Tipbit #2

I took my grandson Brodie to “beginners” pickleball this past Sunday and I noticed the lack of communication on both his part and his various partners. Communication, talking with your partner, is crucial to your ability to deal with decisions throughout each game you play or even each point you play. Communication before the game, during the game and after the game is all

part of this process.


Your talks with your partner before the game need to include your overall strategy for these opponents, your game plan for them; what are the strengths and weaknesses of each of your opponents, which player to target or which shot or side is the weakest for each player, how do your strengths line up with theirs. That’s what you should do before the game, setting up your approach to playing them and then adjust that strategy during the game.


Talking during the game, before and after each point, and actually during the point is even more important than before the game. Tell your partner what you just saw during the last point; did one player stay back, did you spot a weakness not seen before, etc; remind each other where to stand, to follow/move with each other, etc.


You also do need to communicate while the actual point is being played. The two most important topics:

  1. Who takes the ball ("you, mine, I’ve got it, switch, in", etc.).

  2. Is the ball going to be in or out. If it’s on your partner's side, you need to advise them of your take on the ball, whether it must be hit, let go or to bounce it to be safe ("leave, out, watch", etc.)?


Say it and say it early so there is no doubt or confusion. TALK, COMMUNICATE and WIN!

                                       C’ ya on the Greenwood courts, President Lueck

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