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   Where To Stand When Serving - Tipbit #15


Where should you and your partner stand when you’re the team serving?


You quickly learn or should that you both should stand behind the base line and stay behind the base line until after the return has been hit. This is imperative if you are going to be able to hit an effective third shot drive or drop. Here's why!


As you play more and more and your competition gets better and better, you will find that your opponents will be able to consistently return their ball deep into your court, even close to or very near the base line. If you are forward of the base line or have moved in already, the ball is going to play you. You'll need to back pedal and try to hit a controlled shot while moving backward; good luck with that!


Your ability to hit your best shot is always greatly increased if you can step forward while making your shot, rather than moving back from it. Of course, you need to focus on the returner and their partner (Triple Vision - Tipbit #14) to determine how to position yourself to hit your best possible third shot.


That's why you should both stand behind the base line because it is always easier to move forward to the ball than it is to retreat and reset. If as you serve your momentum takes you inside your serve line, that’s fine, just remember to back up behind the baseline after.


That's half of my tipbit on where to stand. Now read and study my doubles court-positioning diagram below. It works, I’ve been successful with it and you will be too.

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