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                                   Agenda Items

                                RFPBA Annual General Meeting

                                                            July 13, 2023 @ 7 PM

  • Call to Order – Lee
  • Location and use of AED defibrillator – Lee
  • Secretary’s report of 2022 minutes – Mary
  • Treasurer’s Report and Annual dues payment – Bev
  • Update of resurfaced courts ($1,520) – Lee
    • Policy for gates during late fall to early spring
  • Status of backboard repainting – Harold
    • A special thanks to Harold Tiffany, Ron Giles, John Gassman and Bob Marquis for helping and Steve Kenny for the use of his yard, water and electricity. 
  • Bylaws – Reminder they can be found online – Lee
  • Proposal to elect an intern/vice treasurer for 2024 - Lee
  • Fees from three PB clinics have earned the RFPBA $465.00. What can we use it for? 
    • Second logo wind screen
    • More blue wind slats > Costs off
    • Pickleball ball caddy
    • Ideas?
  • Thank members who have helped coach seven clinics – Lee
    • George Clipson, Brent Larson, Teri Anderson and Lilith Altariba
  • Pickleball purchases:
    • Paddles can be purchased through Teri Anderson and Tom DeLong
    • Pickleball Central has all you can think of to purchase regarding pickleball. Be sure to use the code (CRRFPA) so we receive our 5% back to the association.
  • Thank officers - Lee
  • Other business or member concerns – RFPBA members
    • Beginners sessions? (Winter Sundays 1-3 PM)
    • Other?
  • Drawing of door prizes
  • Vote to adjourn
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